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What We Do

We deliver Well Cementing Solutions by performing flawless primary cementing that provides the right bonding with the best zonal isolation. Our cementing solutions are backed by state-of-the-art equipment for offshore and onshore operations. Our equipment include but not limited to; advanced triplex pumps, batch mixers, bulking systems, and transportation equipment.

We use advanced user-friendly simulation software and innovative design systems to create models that predict and simulate the events to enable the development of a customized cementing solution that would be durable, safe, sustainable, cost-effective, and ensure the long-term integrity of the well. Our innovative solutions and our well-trained personnel ensure optimum results, structural integrity, zonal isolation, and casing support in the well bore. We provide the following cementing solutions:

  • Cementing Engineering Solutions.
  • Oil & Gas Well Cementing Operations (Plan-Execute-Evaluate).
  • Provision of Cementing Additives (Chemical Service).
  • Provision of High-Pressure and Temperature Pumping Equipment/Services.
  • Well Intervention Service.
  • Well Control and Prevention Services.
  • Provision of Casing Accessories.
  • Provision of Cement Bulking Equipment and Services.
  • Cementing & Liner Hanging Services.
  • Cementing Equipment Rentals for Land, Swamp and Offshore Applications.

Coiled tubing is indispensable to well intervention and many other specialized well service applications. We offer an array of coiled tubing solutions with significant operational and economic performance advantages. Our coiled tubing facilities meet a wide range of applications, from shallow wells to 20,000+ feet deep wells. Our team of engineers combines a practical blend of technics; data analysis, force analysis, hydraulic modelling, and field experience to deliver coiled tubing services.

We offer a range of completion solutions that optimize your well performance and enhance well integrity. From simple well stimulation treatment to a more advanced, digitally-enabled intelligent completion; we deploy our portfolio of technologies, capabilities, and experience to help you optimize the life of the well/reservoir, and maximize performance. We understand the varying and unique needs of clients, therefore we take time to understand the unique challenges of our clients, and then work out a bespoke solution to address those challenges.

Running a well logging service helps provide our clients with the necessary information needed to determine reservoir limits, build reservoir models, evaluate well permeability, and optimize completion. Our extensive expertise and field experiences allow us to implement the best techniques in well logging and wireline operations.

At Quadcan, we are constantly adapting to the changes in the field of surface and sub-surface well test operations by using innovative well testing equipment. As an oilfield service company, we possess the resources, necessary operational experience, the most advanced and modern technology, and analytical techniques to meet the demands associated with well test operations. Optimize your operations today using our technology and experience.