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Our Policies
Principles of Business Conduct

Our Policy on Quality

At Quadcan Well Energy, we envision becoming a global company that delivers well drilling solutions and oilfield services by continuously implementing a quality management system. It’s our inherent policy to provide solutions that meet regulatory and statutory requirements, in accordance with quality procedures, as this is essential to the way we operate. To ensure we keep to our innovative approach and comply with the requirements for ISO standards, our dynamic management executives review the company’s quality system regularly.

Employees, partners, and stakeholders are made to understand the importance of these policies that drive us. The management undertakes the audit of internal processes, monitors the company’s growth in relation to set Key Performance Indicators, promptly responds to clients’ needs, collates feedback from clients, and provides adequate and continuous training of staff to meet the necessary competence level.

Health, Safety Policy

At Quadcan, health and safety is top priority. We are committed to the full implementation of a structured Health and Safety policy programme which promotes the health and safety of our workers, clients, and the communities we do business.

We focus on creating a working environment free of factors that might cause accident, injury or ill health by eliminating potential hazards and maintaining safe work practices. To achieve this, we Comply with applicable regulations and recognized industry standards that govern Health and Safety at the workplace; Put in place facilities to access risk; Identify, report and investigate risks/accidents, and take proactive actions to and correct/prevent potential re-occurrences; Regularly train our employees and monitor all our operations to ensure the company meets standard safety  requirements.

Environment Policy

Our environment matters! We have aligned our commitment to fulfilling our socio-economic and environmental awareness goals in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our aim is to eliminate any adverse effect of our operations on the environment. We achieve this by employing the highest level of operational disciplines with procedures to mitigate any adverse impact.

We have adopted the some environmental standards as part of our corporate culture to ensure safe and sustainable operations. We undertake careful assessment of the impact of our activities on the environment and adopt measures to minimize such impacts by adopting environment-friendly technologies; Become more energy-efficient in providing our solutions; Deploy environment management systems in case of emergencies, potential impacts, and clean-ups; Responsible use of resources; and Imbibe a culture of recycling.

Local Content Policy

Quadcan Well Energy Limited complies with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act of 2010. We are committed to meeting the requirements and set targets within the act as relates to local content policies. Our aim is to develop indigenous capacity within our host communities while ensuring highest level of safety and environmental considerations.

We give preference to participation of individuals from our host communities and our areas of operations including sourcing of raw materials and procurement of materials, goods and services within the locality. This provides us the opportunity for continuous interaction with our host communities and help foster mutual and lasting relationships and benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To demonstrate our commitment, we measure our performance using these metrics — The People, The Environment, and The Community. These are our key focal points amongst the diverse range of corporate social responsibility activities we support.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethical Labour Practice
We conduct and promote our business in ways that respect human rights and dignity. Ideas from everyone, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs are integral to our success. We are against all forms of employee discrimination, and the use of forced and child labour.

Developing Our Communities
Beyond our commitments to our clients and shareholders is the responsibility to our host communities. We have proactively developed initiatives that will add value and empower people within the communities we operate. Such initiatives include but are not limited to Training the youths on various skills and empowering them economically through entrepreneurship, education, and recruitment initiatives; Indulging in volunteering initiatives within the communities we operate; and Provision of pipe-borne water, medical care and support to the less-privileged in the society.